Dopamine Detox, Dopamine As a Silent Weapon

by Akrama Khalid
Dopamine Detox

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter released by various dopamine-rich areas in the brain like the ventral tegmental area and the substantia nigra in the midbrain. It is also associated with vision and can be released by the Retina of an eye.

Functions of Dopamine

The functions of dopamine can be summarized as follow 

  • Sleep regulation 
  • Movement 
  • Mood changes 
  • Motivation and various other behavioral functions.

Structurally dopamine is a monoamine neurotransmitter meaning that it is derived from amino acids for its synthesis, the amino acid tyrosine is converted to L-dopa and further l-dopa is converted to dopamine by the release of carbon dioxide.

Then it acts on different receptors in the body like b1 b2 and a1 a2. through these actions, it controls many bodies’ functions through different mechanisms.

The imbalance of dopamine levels can cause various problems in an individual. Its deficiency can lead to diseases like Parkinson’s disease (improper body movement ), schizophrenia, restless legs syndrome, obesity, mental health, etc. in the same way its overactivity can cause addiction, depression, etc.

Role of dopamine in addiction 

Although dopamine proved to be a prominent factor in performing various life functions it is also considered to be the backbone of all sorts of addictions. It can trigger the dopamine centers to release more and more chemicals to keep watering the individual’s desires and wants. 

Let’s learn through an example, a 16 years child never feels tired and bored while playing games or eating fast food that’s because these things release body dopamine from time to time with increased frequency to keep his/her interest level rising, and thus it can lead to any form of addiction either it can be the addiction of social media, junk food, games, music, etc. 

Dopamine as a silent weapon 

Due to its exponential growth dopamine is miss used by gaming industries, social media apps, etc.

Time-to-time updates in games and social media apps are basically to keep our dopamine graph constantly rising so an individual can never get bored of it. In the modern-day world, it is evident to keep updating to learn new things but one can classify it quickly based on merits and demerits. 

Dopamine detox 

This process is performed to counter the dopamine graph and change an individual relation with dopamine. It is simply executed on an individual requirement basis while keeping an eye on the form and extent of addiction.

A person can make a list of rules to follow during this detox considering his/her addiction. It is, of course, an outdated idea that one can live his/her whole life without all the mentioned things above but it can improve your level of livelihood. 

Detox result

To follow the rules it can be very hard to escape the bubble of the digital circle but with time it can prove to be very effective and can bring drastic changes in quality of life in a positive way.

You will start to feel better in and out. Body health and fitness show improvement instead of useless scrolling, all day long one can utilize his or her time in making strong and effective relationships. Building a bond with nature can reduce the risks of depression, anxiety, and mental illness.

Various dopamine detoxes are executed by various YouTubers and authors.

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