5 Features you don’t know about Google Maps could do

by Muhammad Talha
google maps hidden features

Whether you are traveling somewhere or finding far off-location, Google Maps is the best option to use. Because of its useful tools and features, we love to use Google Maps.

Alongside its useful tools and features, there are many other Google Maps hidden features that even most users don’t know about it. Most of the users just use Google Maps to find locations while traveling somewhere. But we Left behind other tools and features in obscurity. Here I’ll show you the 5 features you don’t know about Google Maps could do.

Google Maps hidden Features

Create your own custom Map

Google Maps - Creating your own Map

Using Google Maps you can create your own custom Map, Sound Interesting!

To use this tool, Go to Google Maps on your PC. Click on the Left Top Menu bar then click Your Places, Now go over the Maps tab. In the Maps section click on Create Map at the bottom.

Creating custom Maps in Google Maps doesn’t allow you to create a new Landscape of your own. Basically what it does is, add your own landmarks, routes, and locations.

In this custom map, you can draw your own shapes onto the existing map to add more detail to the existing map. In addition to this, you can also add your own pinpoints, and directions to the custom map.

You can’t create your own custom map in the Google Maps app for Android or iOS, this feature is only for the web version of Google Maps on your desktop. But you can view the custom map on the Google Maps app for Android or iOS.

Measure Distance

google maps hidden features


One of the handy Google Maps hidden Features is measuring the real distance between any two selected points on Google Maps.

This way, you can find the distance between any two places or two irregular points by placing multiple points on the map. This feature is for both the desktop versions and the Google Maps app for mobile phones.

Using this feature is a super simple process. If you are on your PC, open the menu by right-clicking and selecting the Measure Distance option. A point will appear on your map, this is the starting point. Now click again anywhere on the map, and another point and a line from the starting point will appear that will show you the exact distance between two-point. You can drag the points anywhere to find the distance between any two places or points.

 Track Someone on Google Maps

Track someone

If you want to meet someone but don’t know the exact location of that person. Google Maps makes it easy. You can track someone’s location, who is sharing his location and you can see the real-time location of that person.

To do this your friend or someone who you want to know his location needs to open Google Maps on their phone, tap on the profile photo and tap on location sharing. A contact list will be opened and they can choose with who they want to share their location.

If you want to track someone’s location by using Google Maps on your PC the process is quite similar. Open Google Maps, click on the Menu bar on the right-top of the page then click the Location Sharing option. You’ll see your contacts on the map.

Hence this makes it possible that you can’t track someone’s location without their consent or knowledge.

Changing Pegman Look

If you’ve been using the Web Version of Google Maps on your PC, you might have noticed a little yellow character on the right bottom of the page, called Pegman.

You can pick and drag it anywhere on the map to load the Street View. But you might have not noticed when you drag the Pegman onto some special areas, you’ll notice the Pegman in a different look.

let’s do an activity!

If you travel to the Balmoral Castle or Buckingham Palace on the map, the Pegman will turn into Queen Elizabeth II. Meanwhile, if you head to Loch Ness, the Pegman will dress up in a Strange Green Monster with a red hat on.

There are several other places where the Pegman changes its look, which you can discover by traveling to different locations on the map.

Keeps record of where you go

Google keeps a record of everywhere you have traveled with your smartphone.

According to a CNBC report, the Google Maps app keeps a detailed record of where you go, what mode of transportation you used to get there, where you have parked and the time you arrived. Google stores all of this even if you didn’t use their App.

You can see all of your tracking records, by clicking the menu bar and then clicking on the “Your Timeline” option. This will show you all of your traveling records on daily basis. You can input any date and it’ll show you all the traveling records of that day.

If you don’t know it before and feel a little sketched out, you can turn off this feature. Open the Google Map and click on the right top menu bar icon. Select settings and privacy and scrolled down to the location setting option. Here you can turn off the location history also you can delete your previous tracking records.

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