Microsoft is Reportedly Planning All-In-One Super App For All Your Daily Needs

Microsoft is reportedly considering creating an all-in-one ‘super app’ that would challenge Apple and Google’s dominance in the mobile search market.

In an apparent effort to compete with Apple and Google’s app store platforms, Microsoft is looking to create a “super app” that combines multiple platforms.

The app may include shopping, messaging, web search, news feeds, and possibly even more services, according to reports by The Information, making it a single platform for the majority of daily needs.

The Information further explained that Microsoft is attempting to “emulate a mobile strategy that has worked for Tencent,” referring to the WeChat app. WeChat is a very well-liked messaging platform in China that offers games, news, and shopping all in one place.

As Microsoft does not focus exclusively on serving consumers, instead, it makes the majority of its revenue from the sale of software and services to businesses. Microsoft has goals to offer services directly to customers and to become more consumer-friendly, like the “super app.”

In the past, Microsoft has failed to acquire popular apps and social media platforms like TikTok and Pinterest, which might have been a part of the company’s bigger plans.

“Super App” by Microsoft

The “Super App” may be a way to challenge Google’s search dominance, according to information provided by 9to5Mac. Google currently spends a lot of money to have its search engine set as the default on Apple’s iPhone and Android devices.

Microsoft previously made a bid to be the default search engine, but Google ultimately prevailed, according to The Information.

The report says that although it’s unclear “whether Microsoft will ultimately launch such an app,” it has been discussed internally. CEO Satya Nadella, who is leading Microsoft’s effort to better integrate into mobile products is especially concerned with “pushing the Bing search engine to work better with other Microsoft mobile products.”

Microsoft isn’t the only one trying to build a successful app. Elon Musk recently acquired Twitter and has repeatedly expressed interest in building “X”, the everything app.” Musk compared X to a digital town square that can process payments and hinted that it might be similar to WeChat.

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