PS5 Introduces 1440p Support, Gamelists and Much More

by Muhammad Talha
ps5 1440p support

PS5 introduces new system software that includes 1440p Monitor support, Game Lists, and many other interesting updates to enhance your gaming experience.

As announced on the PlayStation blog, from community requests PS5 is bringing a new PS5 system software beta with interesting features to its users.

Since the beta version is accessible only to invited participants in the selected countries. The goal is to bring these updates to the global communities later this year. And if you’re selected to participate in the beta version, you’ll receive an email invitation from PlayStation when it is available to download, said the announcement.

New Features Rolling out in the Update

Now let’s have a look at New features coming out in the new Update.

1440p HDMI Video Output

The new PS5 beta introduces support for 1440p HDMI video output. This will enable users to select an additional visual setting on their PC monitors or TVs.

The 1440p support is essential for PC players, who have been requesting to introduce this feature since the release of the Console. Its competitor Xbox Series X has already supported this feature since its launch.

If the game you’re playing has the support of 1440p output then you can experience the 1440p output on your monitor.

If you’re playing a game that has a higher native resolution like 4k, then you may benefit from enhanced anti-aliasing through supersampling down to 1440p output, said the announcement.

You can check whether your HDMI device is compatible with this feature, within the system settings select “Test 1440p Output” under the “Screen and Video” Option.

ps5 1440p support

1440p output on PS5. | Image: Sony

Game Lists

Now you can organize your Games in your Game Library by creating Game lists. With the feature coming in the beta, the user will be able to sort their games in a list or folder.

Users will be able to create up to 15 Game lists and each Game list may contain up to 100 games. All the games in your Game library can be added to the Game list including disc, digital, and streaming titles.

To create a Game list go to “Your Collection” in the Game Library and under Your Collection select [Create Game list].

ps5 1440p support

Game list on PS5. | Image Sony

Other Featured Updates

Compare 3D and Stereo Audio

  • In the new update now you can listen to and compare 3D and Stereo audio. You can choose your preferred settings on the same screen.

Easier to see-in Progress Activities

  • Now it became easier to resume the game where you left off. The In-progress activities are shown at the top of the game hub to make it easy and fast to access.

New Social Features

Request Screen Share

  • Now you can watch the gameplay of your party member by requesting them to share their screen. To request party members to share their screen, go to the voice chat card, select the member you want to watch their gameplay and then select “Request Share Screen”.

Joinable Game Notification

  • When you join a party and the party member are playing a game, you’ll receive a pop-up Notification where you can directly join the party.

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