How To Transfer Files From PC To iPhone Without iTunes

by Muhammad Talha
transfer files from pc to iphone

When you want to transfer any Music, Video, Ringtone, or any other Media file from your PC to your iPhone, iPod, or iPad, the first App that comes to your mind might be iTunes. But as you know, while syncing data to your iPhone, iPad using iTunes causes data syncing on your iDevice.

Here I’ll introduce you to WALTR Pro, which allows you to skip using iTunes while transferring any Media Files. WALTR Pro is a great and effortless way of transferring any Media file to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

I have recently started using WALTR Pro and believe me it makes my work extremely easy. Its simple and clear layout design makes me addicted to using WALTR and that’s why it makes it so much popular.

Why you Should use WALTR Pro instead of iTunes?

By using WALTR Pro you can transfer any type of media file to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod by simply dragging and dropping.  It supports all types of Music, Ringtone, Video, PDFs,s and many more files.

An Exciting feature of WALTR Pro is if the file you are transferring is not compatible with iOS, it will automatically convert that file to a usable format. For Example, if you transfer an MKV or AVI file it will convert that file to a usable format and transfer it to your iOS video App.

The same goes for any other media file, WALTR Pro will convert the file to a suitable iOS file, WITHOUT compromising on the quality.

Step by Step Process To Transfer File to iPhone using WALTR Pro

Using WALTR pro is very simple. Let’s go through the step-by-step process and transfer a file to iPhone using WALTR Pro.

Step 1. Open the WALTR Pro App on your PC and connect your iPhone, iPad, or any iOS device using a USB cable. You can also connect your iOS device by using the NEW Wi-Fi feature. After a few seconds of connecting the USB cable, it will automatically recognize your iOS device.

Step 2. Select any Media file which you want to transfer by simply dragging and dropping. Or you can click anywhere inside the “Drop to convert to Local Folder” tile, and a Window Prompt opens, Now select any file you want to transfer and click open.

Step 3. Done! In a few seconds will transfer that file to your iOS device. If the file you are transferring is not compatible with iOS, it will automatically convert the file to a usable format and place it in the iOS app of your phone.

Edit Metadata & Cover art

WALTR Pro allows you to edit Metadata & cover art of a file. For example, if you transfer a music file to your iOS device, WALTR Pro gives you the ability to change the details of the music file like Album, Artist Name, Year, Cover Art, etc.

The process is very simple, drag and drop the music file while holding the “CTRL” key. It will open a screen, fill in all the details regarding the music file you have selected and save it.

Edit Metadata & Cover Art

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  • Requires macOS (10.13) and above
  • Windows 7 or Above
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