WhatsApp New Updates: Two Big Changes Coming This Month

by Muhammad Talha
WhatsApp New Updates 2022

WhatsApp introduced several privacy changes to the messaging app, the company announced on Tuesday.

Tech giant company, Meta-owned messaging app aims to protect user’s privacy by introducing “added layers” of security to secure their conversations. WhatsApp New Updates include allowing users to control who can see their online status, and prevent others from taking screenshots of messages.

WhatsApp New Updates

Online Presence Control

WhatsApp has to give an option to their users to use the app without letting anyone see their online presence. They called it “Online Presence Control”. Now you’ll be able to control who can see and who can’t see when you are online.

With this feature, you can optionally choose a contact to see your online presence while hiding it from others.

You can swap in and out contacts in your list of contacts who can see your online presence anytime. This feature will roll out both for desktop and mobile app versions.

🚫Blocking Screenshots

WhatsApp is also testing screenshot blocking for viewing once messages. The user will be unable to take a screenshot of photos or videos which you have sent in the View once feature. WhatsApp introduced the disappearing media feature a year ago which is still in testing but hopes it would get out to users very soon.

Leaving Group Quietly 🤫

Another featured update coming this month is that WhatsApp will allow users to leave a group silently without letting everyone know. If a user leaves a Group only the Group Admin will be notified.

“This is something like leaving a party quietly and only informing the host”, said Will Cathcart, the head of WhatsApp at Meta.

This feature is also for users’ privacy to use the app more securely and privately. The feature will roll out both for desktop and mobile app versions of WhatsApp.

“We’ll keep building new ways to protect your messages and keep them as private and secure as a face-to-face conversation,” said Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg about the new changes.

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