WhatsApp Update 2022: New Features You Need to Know About It

by Abdul Muqsit
WhatsApp Update 2022

Whatsapp is bringing new features in New WhatsApp Update 2022 for the users that seem to be interested. WhatsApp belonging to Meta will introduce 7 new features in the year 2022. Details will be found below. 

Whatsapp the messaging app owned by meta has active users around 2 billion worldwide.

It is also facing competition with other messaging apps like WeChat, signal, and Snapchat. So Whatsapp is planning to add new features soon.

WhatsApp Update 2022 New Features:

WhatsApp Update 2022

Banning permanently:

              If a user receives a message from a user which is a scam or does not have an agenda. The application will allow you to report the chat. And if the account is continuously reported 5 times so then WhatsApp will ban the account permanently.

Recording transcription:

              They are adding a transcription tool that will convert the recordings to text format. The objective of this is to facilitate disabled people with hearing problems. So for this feature, WhatsApp would share the data with Google and Apple which will question privacy.

Messages reaction:

This tool already exists on Facebook and Twitter which allows you to react to a specific message with a default emoji and will be visible to all the participants of the conversation. So this also adds to the list of new features that are coming on WhatsApp.

Business through Whatsapp.

A pilot test is being tested that will allow the users to find the businesses near your area. Thus the company could promote itself in the application.

Use from Multi Devices:

The feature will allow you to access the application from different devices. It is estimated that 4 devices will access it without the need for cellphone connectivity. WABetaInfo, another android phone may be included in the list of multi-devices.

 Expected features in WhatsApp coming in the year 2022:

Last seen feature:

Whatsapp has a setting from the beginning that allows you to hide your active status from your contacts. So the problem for the users is that they do not want to hide their last seen from all their contacts but their selective ones. Amazingly WhatsApp is testing this feature that will allow the user to hide their last seen from their specific contacts.

Deleting messages without a time limit:

Whatsapp allows users to delete sent messages, currently, in this update, there is a time limit of approximately one hour. According to the beta version of WhatsApp, the company might be planning to remove the time limit once and for all.

Whatsapp logout:

The WhatsApp now you are using has the delete account button which will be replaced by the logout button. WABetaInfo which keeps the track of all the updates of WhatsApp they have reported that it will finally bring the logout option to its users. The option will allow the user to log out of their WhatsApp account just like Facebook and other social media apps.

Instagram and Whatsapp connectivity:

Whatsapp to acquire the reel features on Instagram. This feature will allow the user to watch the Instagram Reels direct from the messaging app. Reels are the short video feature, which is added to Instagram last year after the government banned TikTok.

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