WhatsApp Now Lets You Undo ‘Delete For Me’ Feature

by Muhammad Talha
undo delete for me message in whatsapp

To prevent you from being embarrassed over accidentally deleting a message “Only For You” when you meant to “Delete For Everyone” on the app, WhatsApp has added a new feature to undo the “Delete for Me” action.

With this new feature, when you want to delete a message in chat but you accidentally tap on “Delete For Me” instead of “Delete For Everyone” a pop-up at the bottom of the chat will be shown that will ask you to undo it.

A five-second window will be opened by the new “accidental delete” feature, which enables users to delete messages for everyone in a group or individual chat instead of just themselves.

Sometimes users accidentally delete a message that was sent in mistake by selecting “Delete for Me” rather than “Delete for Everyone.”

undo delete message in whatsapp

Image credit: WhatsApp

By providing a small window to undo their initial action, the new feature aims to assist users in getting those circumstances.

WhatsApp stated that its new feature would be available to all Android and iPhone users. According to WhatsApp, the feature was beta tested with some Android and iOS users in August.

WhatsApp introduced the “Delete for Everyone” feature in 2017 to allow users to delete a message for all people in a conversation in case the message was sent by mistake. The feature was created to address the issue of accidentally sending messages in individual and group chats.

According to WhatsApp, users will be able to get this feature once they update the app to the beta.

“Don’t worry if the undo window does not appear, WhatsApp is releasing the feature to selected beta testers on a daily basis, so you should be able to use the undo feature when the next updates become available in the coming weeks,” WhatsApp.

At the moment, this feature is only available when a message is deleted for me. The undo window won’t appear for messages deleted for everyone.

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